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Help with installing CWB on WinUAE

Hello everyone I am new here but not a "Noob" as they say!

Anyway lol I really need help installing Magic Workbench on UAE, I have followed this guide to the letter but something is not working for me for some reason.

The guide states that "Go to the "Configurations" section and double-click/load "A4000 Power" well there is no config file called "A4000 Power" but there is a config file called "Run Me First Then Delete" I am guessing this is the "A4000 Power" config file but when i run it i get a message saying "No Disk Present in device HD1"

I dont have a clue what to do really as not messed with UAE for years as I have had an A1200 for years but it sadly died in Dec last years (I think it thought the end of the world was going to happen lol) Now I want to run UAE with Magic workbench through my Hp Probook on my nice new 42in HDTV and it looks like I can only dream about it at the moment lol

So lol Can anyone help me please?
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