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Need help with PCMCIA network card(s)

I have two different PCMCIA network cards and cables but I still can't use them.

Zonet ZEN1010/11 : this one uses cnet.device (and it was used on an A1200 before)

3Com Etherlink III For 10BASE-T and Coax 3C589D : This one uses 3c589.device

I have two different cables:

CableA: LinkSYS with three little lights named Act, 10/100, Link
CableB:Cable with no name on it with two lights.

and here's what happens:

Scenario1: Etherlink with CableA: No lights are ever lit on the cable, modem light is lit when I try to go online

Scenario2: Etherlink with CableB: One light lits when card is connected, the other starts flashing when I try to go online but the light on the modem stays dimmed.

Scenario3: Zonet with CableA: The 10/100 light is lit dimly as soon as card is inserted no sign of light on the modem.

Scenario4: Zonet with CableB: No sign of light on the cable ever but modem light is on as soon as card is inserted.

I can't ping the modem. Any ideas?
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