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Originally Posted by Quaxo76 View Post
To add it, I click on the game icon, go to Info, then to the Tooltyped tab, then add the new tooltypes under PRELOAD, is that correct?

Originally Posted by Quaxo76 View Post
I don't know, that's weird because using a 68020 CPU works perfectly, at the right speed, even though the 020 is faster than the plain 68000 which the game was designed for...
The 020 emulation in UAE *can* be made to be cycle accurate. That means it wont run too fast. I don't think that option is available for 030 emulation and so it runs "as fast as possible" which will be dependant on the performance of your computer. It explains the difference.

I see you've already raised a bug on Mantis. Cool. I think you'll have to provide more details on your FS_UAE configuration.
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