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Do you mean that the cadaver save disk, which is created by a standard amiga drive
is impossible to copy ?

I can't agree with you Toni here. Or then please disassemble the save routine and tell what it does to the drive, and we'll be aware of what is really going on.

I stay on the fact that it's not normal that a standard amiga drive can CREATE the disk,
and that winuae CAN'T in standard.

Just look at cannon fodder save disk, a standard amiga drive write $1800 per track,
with a $4489 sync !!

The save routine can't work with the standard length used by winuae ($317C both sides or $18BE which is too small. That's why the guy says it doesn't work when he try to save !.

My guess is this : the save routine before saving datas in MFM encoding, must prepare the track structure. the routine try to
set more than $3190 + ~ - in length, or the problem with winuae is that it cuts at 317C. When loading back the routine finds
tracks with 317C$ in length instead of the size it has bought to save and create before. The result is that it's failing.

Winuae makes clearly the difference between a standard save routine, and a custom one. a program made to use a standard routine will use winuae standard track length and it will work.

When 0x3390 is enabled in the config file, it simply break the barrier of writing, it doesn't bug anything in standard DOS writting scheme.

At last, you know like me that's it's impossible to slow down a drive on amiga by software means, interceptor do you confirm this ?

Your system is working Toni, i have tested it carefully, and it works with all programs DOS or NDOS without breaking anything. thanks to you we have now unavailable games !!!

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