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Toni, the standard max track length ($317C) used in winuae is not enough to create some save games. The save loading routine tries to format tracks longer than winuae in standard allow. It means that when loading back, the game sees $317C in length, when it should find $3390 or maybe a bit less if the process went right.

I have created this custom ADF with the custom floppy_write_length value setted to
0x3390 instead of 0x317C.

And it works. It means maybe that the nice option you have included when i asked you for it must be incorporated as "standard".

It works very well and doesn't make the games bugging when loading.
I have use your option on games like Killing game show, allowing me to create extended ADF and propose it when the IPF of it is not yet available for the reason we know.
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