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Custom RGBtoHDMI boards for sale

I have the following custom RGBtoHDMI boards for sale from the UK.

Payments via PayPal. Postage costs to be confirmed.

3 x RGBtoHDMI v2++ Rev 2 - £20 each, plus postage:

2 x RGBtoHDMI with Pi relocation (SOIC) - £20 each, plus postage:

2 x RGBtoHDMI with Pi relocation (TSSOP) - £20 each, plus postage:

You will need to source your own Raspberry Pi Zero from an official Raspberry Pi store, and suitable HDMI cabling, and momentary switch (for the RGBtoHDMI OSD menu). Ask me if you need more details or clarifiction.

These custom boards have FlashFloppy OSD integration which allows you to have FlashFloppy OSD on both RGB and HDMI outputs. There is a FlashFloppy Blue Pill adapter board that has been designed to be connected directly to these boards - ask me for more details if interested.

There is also an optional jumper add a 47pF cap to the PiCLK signal (this is sometimes required to reduce any pixel sparkles issues).

All have been tested on a A500 rev 5 OCS Denise, but should be compatible with an ECS Denise, selectable via a jumper. There were no pixel sparkles detected during testing.

The SOIC (larger) and TSSOP (smaller) designs are the same, just different chip size packages. There is no difference for the end user.

These RGBtoHDMI custom board design files can be found at my Github repo, if you want to build your own.:

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