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Hey newguy99,

Hmmm, a bit strange that you say you cannot move after mapping when back in the game. Are you sure you've mapped things correctly?

I use my 2 x Xbox controllers via a USB adapter in WinUAE without any issues. Should be quite easy to remap directions / buttons

Basically, make sure that your Thrustmaster Dual Analog Pro is plugged in and the drivers installed (if needed) so that Windows can see the device. Now start WinUAE, load your configuration and:

... Go to Settings --> Host --> Game & I/O Ports screen.
... Change Port 1: to your Thrustmaster Dual Analog Pro.

It should map some directions / buttons by default but if you want to change them then you need to:

... Go to Settings --> Host --> Input screen.
... Change Compatibility mode to Configuration #1.
... Remap whatever directions / buttons you like.
... Once all is ok, save you configuration if you want to and start playing.

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on
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