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Hopefully I'm missing something simple here? (disk swapping issue)

I have looked over the many other topics related to my problem and done specific searches for the game (Harlequin) which is giving me the troubles)

I found this thread from 2002 and it seems like that person was running into the same basic problem as me, but eventually figured out what to do to get past it (I cannot for some reason?)

I will try to be as concise as possible in describing my situation here (at the probable risk of over doing it)

Here's what I have tried and the problems that occur:

Step 1 : I start with Harlequin Disk 1 in the DF0 drive slot

Step 2: When I load up the game, I am taken through the "GREMLIN" logo screen and "THE WARP FACTORY" logo screen and finally onto the "Harlequin Title screen", where it tells me to "PRESS FIRE TO START"

(apparently the default "fire" button for this game happens to be the SPACE BAR)

step 3 :So I press the Space bar (fire button) and am instantly taken to the:
"Harlequin Please Insert Disk 1" screen (from here I try everything to get it to load -following all of the advice from the aforementioned topics as far as how to swap the disks etc.

Step 4: Since I get nowhere with that, I then try ejecting Disk 1 from DF0 - inserting Disk 2 in it's spot and then re-setting Winuae through the GUI menu (via the reset option found in the "MISC" tab section)

When it reloads - I go through the 5-6 second colour wave flicker screen then into the " Please Insert Level Disk, Press "fire" to continue" screen

(again I can't seem to do anything here except go onto repeating what I did before, this time Ejecting Disk 2 and inserting Disk 3 (the "Level" disk) in it's spot - then resetting Winuae through the GUI and reloading

Step 5: When I reload with Disk 3 in the DF0 drive - it takes me directly to the Amiga Floppy drive loading animation screen (the one with the Amiga symbol on the left with the "3.1 ROM 40.068, copyright: 1985-1993, commodore amiga inc, all rights reserved"under it - then to the right is the animation of a disk going in and out of a floppy drive)

Like I said - I have tried all of the advice given - tested putting the 3 disks in all possible orders in the DF0, DF1, DF2 slots/ using only 1 or 2 slots etc etc - and still nothing changes - I always just get stuck on the respective "insert ____ disk" screen or the disk 3 floppy animation screen.

Hopefully it's either just that my settings are off and so I can easily fix them - or I'm just missing something here that can also easily be remedied with a simple "try this" type answer?

Sorry for the post length
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