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I am working on the 25 years Edition of Legend of Falconia.
There will be 2 different Versions.
One is mainly for the germans the other mainly for the english Amigans.

Because it mainly a german Game I will release in Germany a
Boxed 25 Years Collectors Edition which contains
1 Big Box with Cover
4 Amiga Disks with Laserprinted Labels (only german version)
1 Amiga CD (with german and english Versions on it)
1 printed 20 sides Manual
1 copy of a review of the german Amiga Special 11/95
1 Extra Label for a selfmaking Save Disk

The CD in this Box will be contains the following things.

Amiga CD32 compatible, which means direct bootable on a CD32 (is testing , now)
but here only german keymap compatible.
also a Drawer with a Hard Disk Version of the game which is complete playable
in german or english. The english Version was never published before.
The Manual in PDF, a Cover inlay for JewelcaseCD and the ADFs form the german Version are also on this CD.

The second Edition of the game was in my mind just for the english interest.
I believe there no need for english Amigans to play a german Disk Version so
I will make a 25 Years CD Edition which contains
1 Amiga CD With Cover Inlay/instructions and Jewelcase.

This CD will be also Amiga CD32 compatible (means direct bootable on CD32)
and with the german and english Version playable.
This Version will be using a english keymap.
Also there will be a Hard Disk Version which will be also playable in german or english.
This Version is for the main english User which have a Hard Disk but no CD32.
Also there will be the Complete Manual as PDF and a english shortcut intructions PDF on CD.

The CD32 compatibility is in test, now. All other Version are working perfect so far.

The game is compatible for Amiga with Kickstart 2.0 or higher and minimum 1 or 1,5 MB (Hard Disk) Ram.

Here are 2 pictures what I have planned for the
german colectors edition and the
english CD Edition
Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC01623.JPG
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The Cover will be actualised if I am sure it will be working on CD32.

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