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Originally Posted by AMIPEGUSER View Post
Hi guys,

after Space Cab and Dark Angel which also think it would be lost,
I have to tell you that also
is not LOST.

I have bought the Full Version 25 years ago and I stll have it here.
When I found this 4 Disks Adventure Game back in my collection I thought
this game was so good that there must be a Release in a boxed Version
because it is years ago that the Amiga has a more than one Disk Adventure seen in a Box. And I have the permission of the programmer to do that.

I wrote an article about that game in the Amiga Future 149 Jan 2021.

I also have the unfinished english Version here and I have it now full translated. There are just two things.
From the German Version existing the original 4 Disk Version playable just with a floppy or Hardrive. The formerly unfinished Version exists just as a installed Hardrive Version.

The German Version have a fully printed handbook. Because the english was unfinished before, it has no handbook so far.
I am planning to make boxed Version with the original german handbook, 4 Disk German Version and also a CD with German and English Version and a shortcut english handbook.
For english Users so it would be also possible to get a CD in a Jewelcase
alone. If a collector wants also a Box it will be also possible.
Of Course, it would be also possible to present it all as free download Version but I believe this game deserve more than that.
And the main reason for me... Because this game have no one played before it is like a "new" Adventure in a Retro look.
Maybe the AF will release it or if it is not to realise I made it by my own.
For me it will always a none profit action. If someting gets over it will be go to the programmer because he gets nothing back 25 years ago.

Here is a cut fronm the AF article.

You rescued an almost lost game,
its a good new

Despite its a German version
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