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That seems to be quite similar to the machine you previously linked.. this just has a smaller screen/resolution than the 17" one. It still has the ADB kb/pad etc, but if you get it cheap enough why not.

Of course G5 would be snappier for that kind of CPU intensive use, but I've been fine with casual E-UAE use with G4s. 720p videos are probably at limit if they play smooth or not, but lower res videos should be fine.

These Powerbooks can take max 2GB ram (2 x 1GB DDR), so yeah, it's fairly easy to increase it. It's quite common failure in Powerbooks, that the second ram slot will break, and that would of course limit you to 1GB... it might be worth to ask from the seller if both slots are still working.

1.67GHz models would be slightly faster, but not that much in practise I guess... so speedwise you can't get that much better, but if you would like that better keyboard/touchpad handling and bigger resolutions, then it might be worth waiting if you can find that kind of "top of the line" machine. But it's up to you want you want. If you find really cheap ones, why not pick them up for testing/spare at least.
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