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Key Mapping Not Working On Chromebook

Hi all,

I'm using FS-UAE in Linux on Chrome OS, with Pegasus as the frontend. It runs well, smoothly, and looks great. However, when I set keymapping it doesn't seem to work.

Pegasus takes all the FS-UAE config line in its own metadata file, and they all work apart from the key mapping. I've also made a config file with the same info in and tried it direct from the FS-UAE Launcher, and the key mapping doesn't work from there either.

I'm aware that joypad support isn't available in Linux on Chrome OS, yet, but I would have thought the key mapping would work fine.

In the Pegasus metadata file my FS-UAE launch command is as follows:

launch: fs-uae
--keyboard_key_f1 = action_key_1
--keyboard_key_f2 = action_key_2

Now from what I understand those commands should make the '1' and '2' key on my keyboard act like they were 'F1' and 'F2'. However, it doesn't work.

It might be something obvious I'm missing, or may just be an issue running on Chrome OS.

Anyone have any ideas?


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