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Originally Posted by White View Post
you can download the update directly from the hyperion website and install it offline (strongly recommended)
this is because the online update of update1 generally fails
after this you will be able to use 1gigabyte of ram memory.....

.......once you understand how the installation of the whole system
takes place, it will take just 10 minutes to have the whole system ready for use.

If you decide to do a second installation it will be much easier because you will already know what to do.
At that point you will probably feel the need to use winuae directly.

Thank you very much for all the advice and ideas. It will keep me busy for a good while.
I think I will stick with Amigaforever for now and try to improve it as far as I can and then maybe try win-uae. In the meantime by launching an app like AbiWord in standalone mode I've overcome the lack of memory issue and it runs much faster.
It could take some time but I think I will eventually get a very good set up.


Regards Steve
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