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you can download the update directly from the hyperion website and install it offline (strongly recommended)
this is because the online update of update1 generally fails
after this you will be able to use 1gigabyte of ram memory

also have a look at the suggestions to understand how to do it.
without skipping steps.
you will have to modify the startup-sequence to get the ram increase.
This will be the most tedious but necessary part to best configure the 4.1FE.
You will probably have to try many times to figure out how to configure the system. It only takes patience.
Later you can use uaegfx as a video driver and increase the graphics ram available.

separate note:
using amigaforever you can understand how 4.1FE works so you can install the packages you need and everything will work.
You will experience as with any other system
And how to use the 3.xx workbench for the first time as soon as it is installed you basically can't do anything about it.
The system must be built step by step.
The packages you need are written in the tips.
You can skip the part dedicated to G-Rex and orient yourself on Mediator or you can configure it later.

But it will be an important part later if you want to have a complete 4.1FE system and configure the audio in the right way is to have the right compatibility with some applications.

Once you understand how the installation of the whole system takes place, it will take just 10 minutes to have the whole system ready for use.

If you decide to do a second installation it will be much easier because you will already know what to do.
At that point you will probably feel the need to use winuae directly.

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