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Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
That, however, holds for all of intuition. Nothing prevents you to draw over the window decorations either. Well, except for GIMMEZEROZERO windows, where the clipping is solved in the "most convoluted" way (instead of installing an offset and a cliprect).

You get the coordinates in the DrawInfo, though.
Yes but at least normal intuition gadgets have the position of the gadget itself as coordinate reference, not the window.
Simple coordinate computation will work, until the gadget is anchored to right and/or bottom edge of window...

Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
Err... the way how gadtools renders frames is through the frameiclass. How else?
There are several possible ways. Regular Image structures, or draw it directly by code.
If the frameiclass is used, really i'd like to know how because it's not at all what i got !
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