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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Function offsets can't change without breaking binary compatibility. No decent OS version should do that.
Anyway, this is OT. Please don't resurrect that flame war.
There will be no flame war, you are welcome to your opinion and I have no intention of changing your mind. I was just offering an alternative view incase you hadn’t considered it.

I’m not sure it is off topic to discuss design decisions as to how AmigaOS’s original designers implemented their runtime OOP system. As you asked in your original question, which I think you were right to ask, and I was also curious!

It is not unheard of (certainly in the Apple world), for an OS update to break binary compatibility, usually offering developers a grace period where their software will still work, but expecting developers to update their software... often it needs little more than a recompile!

Which system ? I can't see any that's worth porting code to and doesn't have a 68k compatibility layer.
Anyway, this is OT as well. If you want to discuss that, PM me.
Ok. That’s fine.
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