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Once and for all...

All the routines provided by my lib are designed to augment the programming language.
They have nothing to do with the way libraries are used in C !

Actually, if i could have done this in a 100% transparent manner, i wouldn't include any file at all !
So while alas necessary, includes must be as discrete as possible. Not doable if there are many of them, one per internal module of the lib !
Programs just call the routines as if they were regular instructions. Whatever internal library module they are in, is none of their business.
There is no fundamental difference in f.e. my square root routine and a new instruction added to 68k that would compute integer 64-bit sqr.
Whether something is an external call or a macro or a basic instruction does not matter much anymore.
Pushing the concept, any high level feature can be added (screens, windows, files, etc).

This all makes asm a higher level language retaining the advantages of the low level.
And this is a good thing, as it removes most of the asm programming burden while keeping performance and code density.

Forcing user programs to use a linker - a necessary step to hide the OS away while still using its includes - would destroy the concept completely.
It is hard to explain, but for once please trust me.
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