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Please help a n00b with some general questions

Hi all

New to amiga - long time c64/c128 guy. I used to have several A500s years ago but they all got torn down, mostly for the drive mechs

My brother gave me a 1200 with an 030-50/copro board in it, which had a broken ram slot on it that I replaced successfully (2MB chip, 32MB fast). As of last night, the thing fired into life (altho it freaks out my 1084S which switches off every time I reset the amiga, so I have more repair work ahead alas).

I have several noob questions (along the lines of "pimp my ride"):

1) The thing has a 40MB HDD in it. Do those IDE/SATA converters work? If so, whats the largest drive I can put in it?
2) What's the best kickstart/workbench to use? Where can I find them?
3) Im thinking of one of those indivision flicker fixers. Thoughts? Reviews? Im not sure I like the idea of removing the shielding.
4) Best wireless PCMCIA?
5) The kickstart is on eprom right? What chips does it use? I have an eprom burner and Im not afraid to use it.
6) List of utilities you cant live without? Initially Ill be looking to port/write some ADFs.... is directory opus still the go? (wow, there's a memory from 1990).

Ill mainly want to use it for games and demos, hopefully installing to HDD whereever possible. I bought 30 new DSDDs for it but they wont last forever.

thanks guys, and apologies for noob questions.
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