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roy bates
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ok ive patched the warp3d.library from 4.2 to 4.3b1 and here are the results:-

in glquake(blitzquake) i get 24-25fps(this is what i had already been getting)this is taken from a clean boot and a soft reset,there was no perfomance increase from what i can see.

quake 2(minigl) i get 12-13 fps(also what i was getting to start out with)also done from a clean boot and soft reset,also no performance increase from what i can see.

the test was done on a 1260 tower 060@100mhz with mediator and voodoo 3 3000.

also bear in mind i have hsmathlibs46"registered" install in a romable form,so the system is already optimised for a fpu perfomance increase.

if anyone want to try this patch i can upload it to the zone so the can try it themselves(of course it will be pre-patched for ease of use)

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