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Question Streaming FS-UAE using OBS

Hi Guys, very happy to be a member of this forum! Thank you for having me.

It may be that I end up having to ask this question in an OBS forum instead, but well, perhaps one of you will have an answer for me here...

I am running FS-UAE (3.0.5) on my PC. Everything seems to work just fine in terms of running Amiga games.

The only thing is, recently I created a Twitch account to stream Tetris games.

I'm still waiting for my capture card to arrive so I can stream NES games. In the meantime I did a test stream using OBS, showing a jpeg image, and mixing in audio from a youtube video as well as my own mic. All went well (test stream is up on ).

Then I tried to stream my desktop and that went well too, but when I ran FS-UAE and played Tetris 2, OBS wasn't able to stream it (I just get a black screen, or sometimes a frozen still image from FS-UAE appear).

Is anyone here successfully streaming FS-UAE on OBS? Did you have any initial problems, and if so, how did you solve them?

Also, if anyone has general hints and tips which might relate to my problem, that will be appreciated. Cheers & beers!

EDIT: Oh, I am using Windows 7, and my GFX card is a Ge-Force GTX960.

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