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Originally Posted by D4Ni3L3 View Post
ASM-One V1.20, KS/WB 1.x version version downloaded from TFA site, I use WinUAE with KS1.3...
when I type WS,RAM PRT>bb, DISK PTR>0, LENGTH>2, CC and I see activity on disk
I'm on very different setup: ASM-One v1.49RC2 (require KS>2), KS3.1.

You shoud see activity on disk also after inserting "2".

WS give you the prompt: "RAM PRT>", you respond with "bb".
Then ASM-One prompt "DISK PTR>", you "0"; then prompt "DISK PTR>", you "2"; disk activity.
You "CC", disk activity.

I can't help you more than that
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