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Feature request

Probably not possible and probably dangerous to have external control of WinUAE inside the Amiga side of things, but would be useful.

When assembling lots of code in WinUAE, can take quite a while, certainly much faster to have it not set to cycle-exact when assembling, but obviously when it comes to testing that assembled code, its much better to switch back to cycle exact.

However, gets a bit tedious having to constantly hit F12, change to cycle exact, continue with WinUAE, then F12 and set it off again.

Dearest Toni

Would it be possible to have it so that if a certain string was written to a specific memory address (maybe reserved), we could toggle cycle-exact off and on from within the Amiga environment?

So for instance at the start of assembled code we could move.l #$12345678,reserved_address to activate cycle exact, and then as our code exits, clearing that memory address disables it?

I understand if this can't be done, but if it could, would be a great shortcut to help speedup development.
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