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Losing wifi network using prism2 and roadshow

Hello all,

I am terribly sorry if this has been covered but I have scoured the forum without finding anything that has helped.

My problem is a puzzle to me. I have "successfully" set up my orinoco gold prism2 device using roadshow, and previously MiamiDX, but if the network is left unused I lose connection. With MiamiDX I had to shut down connection and restart it and it would work fine, however I have no idea how to do this with roadshow. I was hoping the problem would disappear using roadshow but it remains. I have tried with two different orinoco's and the problem is the same.

I have set up with static ip (dhcp didn't work) and with cardpatch/reset in startup-sequence.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Are there things I can do to make this problem go away?
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