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FS-UAE gets confused with duplicated directories

As we all know, AmigaOS is case-insensitive about file names, while UNIX is case-sensitive. This can lead to situations where there are files or directories that differ only by casing. UNIX views these as entirely separate with no problem, but AmigaOS can get confused.

I found this out the hard way when trying to install software to my emulated Amiga. Somehow the system disk ended up containing both C and c, both Devs and devs, both Libs and libs, and both S and s. The upper-case directories had my original content, the lower-case directories were empty.

As a result, FS-UAE booted to an emulated Amiga 4000 with just the operating system ROM, no system directories. It dropped me to a shell where I was unable to run any command. Typing "endcli" closed the shell and dropped me to a completely empty Workbench screen.

I removed the lower-case directories and restarted FS-UAE, and it worked OK this time.

How has this happened? Did FS-UAE look at the lower-case directories first and use them, and then failed because they were empty?
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