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Question A1200 4-Way IDE Adapter: IDEfix & CD-ROM support in OS3.9

I've just tried installing OS3.9 on a recently acquired A1200T.

It has a 4-way IDE adapter, and connected to it are two hard disks (on the same cable) and a CD-ROM drive (on its own cable).

The hard disk originally contained OS3.1 with IDEfix97 installed. All hard disks and CD-ROM drive worked perfectly. I created an OS3.9 Emergency Disk from within OS3.1, and it asked if I wanted to copy IDEfix and a few other things over to the Emergency Disk, so I said yes.

The Emergency Disk boots fine, and all hard disks and CD-ROM drive still work perfectly.

But then I installed AmigaOS3.9, followed by separate installation of CD-ROM support, and then installation of BB1 & BB2. The hard disks appear to be working fine, but CD-ROM drive support won't work. I've tried changing the unit number from 0 through to 5, and each time I boot I get an error message about atapi.device. The new CD0 in OS3.9 contains the same settings as the CD0 in OS3.1.

Now, I've read that IDEfix97 isn't needed for OS3.9, because IDEfix software (or some equivalent) is built-in. So I have three questions that I would greatly appreciate some answers to:

- How do I know that the IDEfix-equivalent software in OS3.9 is running and working properly?
- How do I get my CD-ROM drive working with OS3.9?
- Is the IDEfix software built into OS3.9 better than the latest version of IDEfix97?

Many thanks in advance for any advice, and sorry about the long post!

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