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Originally Posted by ouya View Post
Yes. Maybe debug.lib is the only one missing in the vbcc distribution.

Quote: has some minimal includes (maybe it has all libs)
I only talked about linker libraries, as you did in the post before. Of course you need the header files from the official NDK!
I'm not sure about the current legal situation, but in the past it was not allowed for a compiler to include the NDK without license.

Any source for a complete vbcc include/lib setup ? for any platform (1.3, 3.0) . I am struggeling to get anything together. Its like copypasting tons of includes from NDKs.
I'm surprised that this is a problem. You should want to download the NDKs anyway, for various development tools.
But there is nothing to copy. When using the installer under AmigaOS/MorphOS just point it to the directory with the NDK includes.
When you do it manually, just add the NDK include path to vincludeos3:, or add another -I option to the config file, for Unix/MacOS,Windows.
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