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Originally Posted by ouya View Post
psss: datatypes only around since AmigaOs 3.0. So if I also want to target amiga500 it will not work with NDK3.9 right?
You can use NDK3.9 to create executables which are compatible with Kickstart 1.3, but you have to take care not to use any features which appeared in 2.0 or later, like datatypes. You also shouldn't use the -Rshort option with vlink, which generates relocations with 16-bit offsets (only supported since OS 2.0) - this is the default setting with vbcc's aos68k config.

For Kickstart 1.3 development I would recommend the m68k-kick13 target together with the original 1.3-NDK.

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
One more thought: if you don't link against amiga.lib, the libraries won't be defined either.
Not sure what you mean. You can call AmigaOS funtions without linking amiga.lib when you include <proto/xyz.h>. This makes sure vbcc is doing OS calls directly with inline-code. amiga.lib would only be needed for the OS-call stub routines, when no inline-calls are used. Or for the few support functions which are not in a shared library, like CreatePort(), DoMethod(), etc.
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