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The display is solid.

However, after some more testing today it seems clear what the problem is.
If you have more than one external floppy drive like I did, the Gotek messes up.
If I leave only one or none external drive, it appears to function normally.

Doing new speed tests, the Gotek copied the files of the floppy image to RAM in
56 seconds, a tad slower than the floppy drive that completed in 52 seconds.

Doing adf ripping, the Gotek took 41 seconds to rip a disk image to RAM, against
42 seconds for a real disk drive.

Another small issue is that if the USB stick is not present at powerup, it behaves as if the drive is disconnected, causing some seconds of delay during startup and DF0??? icon on WB.

This endures on every boot until a USB stick has been inserted at least once, then all subsequent boots are as normal even with USB stick ejected.
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