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just made my own sakura 4mb card, when i switch it to disk in prepcard it shows information about name , sakura 4mb etc. when i put it to RAM it shows only N/A everywhere.
if i prepare the card either RAM or DISK it says wtrite-protected
i know this card is autoconfig in RAM mode soo i dont actualy need to use prepcard for ram. is my S-ram chip fake ? or should i look for a bridge ?
can someone help me ?

i ordered all the stuff around 2017/18 i got 20 kits of it. if i could make it work i could sell cards. they are made with a different pcmcia port. its not perfect. but with something 3D printed frame-keys for the port it will be bullet proof. mu pcmcia port has no keys at all but havent still killed my amiga600 even though i pushed it in wrong pings serveral times. and no i havent killed something. i got a 4mb SRam card working to compare with, works as ram and disk.
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