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AmigaLive 0.983 released

New AmigaLive 0.983 is now available which includes FS-UAE v3.0.5 with WHDload v18.5

Now also works on latest OS-X Catalina, Debian 10, Ubuntu 20.04 and all modern 64-bit operating systems

AmigaLive 0.983 (Build 122) :
Update: New logo and icon
Update: Now works on OS-X Catalina, Debian 10, Ubuntu 20.04 and all modern 64-bit OSes
Update: AmigaLive is compiled to be 64bit for Linux and OS-X, 32-bit for Windows
Added: Includes latest FS-UAE 64-bit 3.0.5 portable with WHDload 18.5
Added: Ability for custom configuration per game, by using the Game-Settings folder
Added: Single-player games list - (Mainly for streamer requests) - suggested by @retropolis
Added: Auto function for server time-out, gives 3 minutes per player (example 6min for 2 players, 15min for 5 players etc.)
Added: Refresh button for manual refresh of games started on server, also shows refresh interval time
Added: Status label that appears when FS-UAE or the local host server is running
Added: Button with the option to stop FS-UAE or the local host server
Change: AmigaLive will stop checking for available games automatically once FS-UAE is running
Change: Optimized game-image loading times and can also fetch game-images from secondary URLs
Change: Will now use HTTPS TCP port 443 instead of HTTP port 80 to connect to main website
Fixed: Games appeared twice or more in the list when previous listing did not complete
Fixed: Games started appeared to allow an extra supported player in the notes text-area
Removed: Random netplay tag when clicking on the nametag label
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