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Yes, I have an A2410 profile set up. It works, with the blit bugs I mentioned before (it always tries to blit both fore and back, even when it just wants fore).

But I also attempted to set up a profile with a A3000, Picasso II, 8MB of 32 bit fast-ram, an A2065, and an 800mb disk, so I could try some slightly bigger resolutions (I really prefer at least 1152x900 for workstation display, it's the old sun hacker in me I guess).

I applied the Gateway CD vol 1 patches that bring in Xsvga and an updated X11R5, and those apply without incident. Set up the XsvgaModes text file, and start xinit.. screen just goes black. It is attempting to load clients, but there are no debugging messages in any log files, etc...

(And Ironically, I can't flip back to the amiga screen once the RTG screen appears, is there a way to do this?)

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