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Sure there was a lot of terrible games released, but lets put it into perspective, every computer had this problem. The Amiga was one of the most popular computers to release games on, right up to Commodores demise so the library is larger than most for the time. It had the advantage of having capabilities other systems wish the had. For many of the games released on multiple platforms the Amiga had the best version available. I would say that some games that were passable on the Amiga were utter wrecks on other systems, so that brings up the average. I think why many games are considered bad was because the Amiga when used properly, raised the bar so much higher than other systems, and it's hard to keep making top tier games.
Recently I started looking at the PS3 game catalog so that I have a library of games to collect and what I found was a vast majority aren't worth my time. And lets not forget that this is a system that has Sony as it software curator determining what get released.
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