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I was hoping someone knew of somthing besides flashtro.

Of the 20 novella tutorials on flashtro, 18 of them are basically the same tutorial.

Only two of them are significantly different types of novella:

Risky Woods and Espana games92. These two require you to pick an object on screen, the other 18 are all "type in a word from ..."

Risky woods and espana both make it very easy to break into the code at the perfect location. (with an instruction that branches to itself endlessly, or by using the reset command which is easy to find)

The problem I am having is finding a good way to break into the code somewhere close to the protection.

With "Pirates!", you select 2 answers, but even if you get it wrong the game continues and you can still play.

Maybe I chose a tough game to start with...
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