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Noob Questions

I am trying to learn a bit about creating trainers and I have a few general questions.

Question 1
My A1200 has 34 megs ram (2chip, 32 fast). Sysinfo says my ram is located at the following address ranges:

chip: $1000 - $1FFFFF
fast: $1000000 - 2FFFFFF

When I am using HRTMon or PDX-AR and want to search my memory, do I have to do this in 2 separate blocks since the memory is not contiguous?
for example: fs $1000 $1FFFFF "test" and then fs $1000000 $2FFFFFF "test"?

If my memory starts at 1000, what is below that address?

Question 2

I understand how a trackloader will load code from the disk into a specific memory location.

What I dont understand is when AmigaDOS is used and the file is loaded normally, how do I know where it was loaded?

If I have a disk that uses startup-sequence to launch an executable. How can I know where it was loaded to?

I may not even have this problem if I was using the AR search functions properly, but I cannot find the opcodes that signify the start of the program.

If I break into AR, type:
lm test, 50000

m 50000

and I get: 4E 75 4E 55 00 00 4A 6C

then exit and let the game load the startup-sequence and exe file then break in, I cannot find that opcode pattern in memory.

Hope someone can shed some light on this :P

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