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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Great stuff man!
I especially like the second picture on your first post.
Looks somewhat pretty realistic.
That pixelwork (DemiurgeAvenger) was a hell of a ride to make and it was build with bits and pieces from a series of previous pics I made back in 1994 to 96, but in the end I added so many details that not a single pixel was left untouched!
It placed 2nd at TUM 2005 demoparty, so it was well worth it after all! I entered the compo remotely since I couldn't attend ...and I think Stingray still has the prize somewhere!

Originally Posted by kriz View Post
Really nice pixel art, love stuff like this ..
Thanks! Some might say my style is not properly "pixel art", but seeing what is considered "pixel art" these days, I'm happy to be an outsider!
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