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Thanks for all those answers.

Most questions were relevant for emulator support. If(/when?) that exists, developing Amiga programs to talk to Gotek/HxC will be much easier than having to test each build on real hardware. The more edge cases/limits are correctly emulated, the fewer surprises with program working in emulation but not on real hardware.

Regarding head step timing, is there really "no" lower limit (e.g. glitch filter in the firmware)?

Some suggestions, could be useful for host software, to improve read throughput:

For successive reads (of USB drive sector data), auto-increment base LBA when drive head changes. Then programs could read and write contiguous chunks without needing to issue CMD_SET_LBA every 8 sectors. [Maybe you could use a currently-unused parameter of CMD_SET_LBA command to enable that?] Program would then read side 0, read side 1, read side 0 etc.

Make it possible to detect actual USB drive capacity (i.e. result of READ CAPACITY SCSI command). That would allow full access, e.g. host computer would be able to (re)partition the drive itself.

Add compatibility with 4KB-sector USB drives. Some USB hard drives and flash drives have 4096-byte sectors.

For PC or other computers that support HD floppies, maybe you could enable 16 sectors to be read each time (500kb/sec)?
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