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Paragon (BBS software) and WinUAE

I have found next to nothing about Paragon BBS software in the internet so it's obviously not that common piece of software (altough I remember ~90% Amiga BBS's at least in Finland used it in the early 90's) but I'll try anyway.

The thing is, I still have my backups and have a little idea of getting it back online with WinUAE, but I have a little problem. It doesn't seem to run on any other configuration than A500 KS 1.3 1mb (chip) RAM, and afaik I should have a KS 2.05 machine to use AmiTCP (or any other TCP?).

I runs well on my A600 (standard non-HD with a HD) but when I try run in WinUAE with the same specs, it gives me Program failed (error #80000003) everytime I try to go to the messages section.

Any 'fail safe' configuration ideas?
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