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Yep sorry mate for not replying earlier.
Putting offline the stack didn't freeze my Amiga.
- I putted stack online then opened AWeb and then putted it offline and then Quit.
- Then I putted stack back online and opened AmIRC then closed AmIRC and putted it offline again and still no freeze.

I'm running a special customized version of ClassicWB 3.1 Full (you can check a video here: [ Show youtube player ]) running on Kickstart 3.1.
Tbh I run a customized kickstart as well kicked via ACA630's MapROM feature but haven't putted anything important that has anything to do with the PCMCIA stuff.

Well 3.0 could be an issue as it has a different card.resource iirc so only checking it out would make it sure.
Also have you put CardReset and CardPatch early in your Startup-Sequence?
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