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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
the latest version of Amiberry on RetroPierequires only a few things:

- Put Kickstart files in bios/ folder and perform a 'scan' on the files (in the amiberry f12 menu)
- Put LHA format 'pre installed whdload games' in the roms/amiga/ folder. Do >not< rename the files from those provided in the 'retroplay' packs and they should work straight away.

Nice, Thanks for clearing this up.

Sorry for the hi-jack Chris.

Got the retropie now working Amiga.
Though the sound is garbled on every game i've tried.
Its as if the audio is playing too slow and breaks up as it catches up. The gameplay speed and video seems fine.

I've tried different configuration settings and nothing seem to fix it? .
It's set up to my TV with sound going through the HDMI. All other emulators (SNES,Mastersystem..etc) play the sound just fine. Im not getting any sound through the audio jack from headphones but I'd sooner not have the extra cable if possible anyway.
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