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Ahhh. OK i can see the dilemma! And I cheated (sort of)

I just took my fully up and running UAE config from my PC, which happened to be FS-UAE for Mac and copied it to a USB stick, then onto the Pi. So everything was there from the outset. But if I open a web browser in Amiga on the Pi I just get told that a TCP/IP stack must be active so I must be missing something since bsdsocket emulation is enabled.

I verified where I had got to last night:

DietPi as OS. No optional software (even though Amiberry is available)
Downloaded source for SDL2 and built as per the Amiberry site instructions
Same for Amiberry itself so I have the latest version.

It worked fine.

The results were that performance was fine on Raspberry Pi 3+, I achieve what seems to be a sollid 60FPS at the desktop, 1024x768. Not sure how many colours without looking and then if I play a game such as Worthy I get a constant 50fps with no frame skipping. I'd call that pretty good. CPU is showing around 80% most of the time.

The Asus Tinkerboard is doing something a little strange. The cpu is much less stressed - around 25% to 30% but for some reason it is constantly varying around 58, 59, 60 or 61fps (and likewise 48, 49, 50, 51 for PAL games) rather than locking on to 60 (or 50) and this gives it a much less fluid feel which is a shame as it would be really nice to use the tinkerboard with a switch fitted to flip between Amiberry on internal storage and general Linux on an SD card.

I may re-visit and have another go since I skipped the compiling of the Mali drivers. It didn't complain so I figured it was fine but maybe this is what is up?

I also need to change my install as it is based on UAE folders so I see a tonne of 'uae' files in AmigaOS which is crap really. I need to switch to using hardfiles. But to effectively do that I need to get TCP/IP working so I can easily get things on and off.
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