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Ah, I didn't comment further since the thread did not get any replies but I went a whole lot further with this!!

First of all, by RTG, yes, I mean a hi-res desktop. I think 1280 x 720 worked best for me. It is technically RTG (because it is using an emulated graphics card, like a Picasso card but instead a 'UAE' card).

I will look up where I got to a bit later in the week (too many things on the go at once again!). I visited a friend that has a company selling kit that uses Raspberry Pi and optionally Tinker Board so while I was there I bought both a RPi 3 and a Tinker Board S. I know the Pi3 worked extremely well indeed but i think i had to build the latest code from GitHub for Amiberry (surprisingly quick and easy). I then wanted to try the TinkerBoard and i think i got stuck there but I don't recall why or what I was about to do to it.

I need to get back to it.

Oh, getting online should just be a case of installing a browser if Amiberry implements the bsdsocket library the same as WinUAE. I don't know if I got that far or not.

As for what I will do with it? Don't know yet! As usual.
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