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Smile Holding back the years...

On 31st of August I closed 45 years of life on planet Earth.

When I received my birthday wishes from EAB (thanks guys!) I logged in to take a glimpse of what is happening in one of my favourite retro spots...
And suddenly I realised how many years I have been a faithful member of this marvelous community. 17 years! It's a lifetime, indeed!

And every time I come back here I feel that I am getting young again.
I bring back in my mind the sweet memories... all the passionate discussions, the first projects (HOL was just a daydream then...) and the first attempts to find rare games of our beloved computer in obscure paths and alleys of the internet highway.

How eager we all were (and, luckily, many of us still are...) to search and submit software or information for everybody's legendary MIA lists.
Long before TOSEC, long before all this Retro fever.

And there was no ADSL, just the good (ok, not so good... ) ole modem...

So, what are your favourite moments being a member of EAB community?
Please, feel free to join and bring with you all the sweet memories you hold dear...
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