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Arabian Nights specific Crakctro/Trainer

I am 100% sure I've asked about it here like 10+ years ago, but I searched and couldn't find the thread. So let's go.

Back at the day I had an Arabian Nights version with a trainer that had a VERY COOL tune. I never forgot that tune after all these years (I can easily hum it)

Thing is, I never ever found that version again. There are 2 things I remember about it:

a) The game did NOT have the English language option. There were 3 different language options but none were english
b) The trainer loaded AFTER the intro. You would get the "Show Animations (y/n)?" question, then if you answered N the trainer would load, if you answered Y , you would get the intro, AND THEN after the intro the trainer would load.

To make things easier. It was none of those shown on the below videos:

[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

About 4 years ago, when I had just got my current A600 and it still had a (barely) working floppy drive on my A600, I tried to load the disk. It crashed while loading the trainer.. it LOADED the trainer and the music played it, but trainer was crashed and didn't show anything on screen and you couldn't get any further.... so I am 100% sure I wasn't dreaming.

Any chances anyone has this Arabian Nights version?


If this really does not exists on the internet, I could try to find where those disks are now (I am nearly sure I know ) and send to someone to try to save it.
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