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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Another small update for TC020, FastWB and HalfBright to 51.4.561:
 The icon under the mouse pointer becomes transparent
 again now in "Tricky Drag°n" as usually done on WB.

 In order to reduce the amount of data that has to be
 transferred between the CPU and the gfx-card over the
 slow Zorro bus, the rectangles of TrueColor images are
 made as small as possible by removing the outer parts,
 which are nearly 100 % transparent, when alpha is 0-2. 
 This was already implemented for ColorIcons on RTG.

 The rectangles of the first images (unselected icons)
 can be reduced by 20-40%, but the 2. images only < 5%,
 because the glow effect covers most of the free space.

 On OS 3.2+ it's recommended to use TC020. The FastWB
 version can avoid some useless refreshes on WB v44-45.

 "Tricky Drag°n" is still WIP. All Feedback is welcome.
Installed this morning and the machine was used on and off all day, nothing untoward to report sir, it behaved perfectly
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