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Originally Posted by mateusz_s View Post
When I am using in my C code, under AmigaOS 3.2

the default console opens and writes that. But I would like to setup
that console windows size first.

I tried:
BPTR consoleFH = Open("CON:20/20/500/100/Console", MODE_OLDFILE);

It only opens additional window, but output is still in the first default window.

Thank You in advance

Hmmm.. I figure out something like that. It works.
Is that a correct way?
BPTR consoleFH = Open("CON:50/50/400/250/Console/", MODE_NEWFILE);

const char* abc = "ABCSS";
Write(consoleFH, abc, strlen(abc));

// at the end
// Close(consoleFH);

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