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Robocop 3 ADF & WHDload issues

I played Robocop 3 ADF (Gamebase 2.0) today with the trainer enabled in Movie/Adventure mode.

It seems in Level 2, when you save Lewis by shooting the baddy it just gets stuck here, and does not progress to the next level ?

I'm not sure if its trainer related, or that I'm doing something wrong? In Youtube the longplay shows that it goes to the next screen after shooting the baddy..

Note, I have not tried it without a trainer, but have tried it with a trainer two times and both times fail at the same spot...

afaik this game seems to have problems....

Gamebase ADF and DamienD's collection ADF are the same, with the same Cracktro/trainer etc

Both copied fail to end level 2 after you shoot the baddy and save Lewis?

WHDLoad and or HDF both have a different issue altogether.. Lewis & the Baddy are not even visible as seen in the photo..

To get to this are best method is.

... enable efficiency/energy trainer in cracktro

Level 1.... hold right SHIFT key and type THE DIDY MEN - a message will appear "cheat mode activated" then press ESC to bypass level 1. (im not sure if this cheat works with ADF's but it works with HDF)

Level 2.... Just follow the left hand wall from the beggining, shoot the baddys throughout. as you get closer to Lewis the beeping will get quicker and quicker until you find her by following the left wall

Has anyone seen this huge issue im facing?
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