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Have tried TUDE but still no luck. Used the Degrade option with Kickstart 1.3 but as soon as I put a bootable disk in the drive it GURUs, even with a valid Workbench 1.3 disk? Tried the nocache and 512k chipmen but still the same. Also tried kick1.41 by Geesus which will boot the 1.3 workbench disk but hangs everytime you try to open the disk, same for any other disk you try to open??

So going to have to try the WHDLoad route and see what mess that gets me into

Update: WHDLoad and the Altered Destiny installer worked, had to get an extra package from Aminet (skick346.lha) and use the kick34005.a500.rtb file after that it worked fine, albeit it seems to 'pause' while moving, maybe a side effect of making A500 compatible it's lost the A1200 speed!!

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