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Originally posted by jrom
E --5--3--5-----6--6--8--6--
A --7--5--7-----8--8--10-8--

E --5----4----5----4----3----
A --7----6----7----6----5----
...or something like that... have fun
great thanks

but why have you written in that way?

i mean (if i get it right) the the 2nd line is for the 2nd string wich is a B so it would be

E --5--3--5-----6--6--8--6--
B --5--3--5-----6--6--8--6--

E --5----4----5----4----3----
B --5----4----5----4----3----

well if i have understand it it was'nt difficult to get it so forget what i said...

what about the the opening tune? "war has never been so much fun"?
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