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Maybe this thread would be better in
but now I ask my questions here:

First, I get no reaction on this commands:

mg <address>          Memory dump starting at <address> in GUI.		; no reaction
dg <address>          Disassembly starting at <address> in GUI.		; no reaction
rc					  Show CPU instruction or data cache contents.	; no reaction
rcd																	; no reaction
(rc,rcd the same output on A1200 configuration ?)
And this command shows always the complete list:

i [<addr>]            Dump contents of interrupt and trap vectors.
							; this is only i but not for instance i 6c
Now I need (wish) an explanation or simple example for following debugger commands:
Maybe also a link to an old thread would help.

b                     Step to previous state capture position.
I <custom event>      Send custom event string

di <mode> [<track>]   Break on disk access. R=DMA read,W=write,RW=both,P=PIO.
						Also enables level 1 disk logging.   
did <log level>       Enable disk logging.

wd [<0-1>]            Enable illegal access logger. 1 = enable break.
il [<mask>]           Exception breakpoint.
If I want copy eg the content of the color registers. This is difficult, because:

>e ; shows always the complete list
000 BLTDDAT     0000    100 BPLCON0     0200
002 DMACONR     03F0    102 BPLCON1     0000
004 VPOSR       8000    104 BPLCON2     0024
006 VHPOSR      0007    106 BPLCON3     0C00
better would be:
>e [<address>] [<lines>]	
>e 180 16					; eg for color registers
Or, why is this not shown?

>m dff000
00DFF000 **** **** **** ****Custom chipset* ****  ****************
00DFF010 **** **** **** ****Custom chipset* ****  ****************   

>d dff000					; ok that makes not sense...
00DFF000 ffff                     ILLEGAL
00DFF002 03f0 8000                BSET.B D1,(A0,A7.L[*8],$ff) == $00c633ff (68020+) [00]
00DFF006 0007 ffff                OR.B #$ff,D7
00DFF00A 6807                     BVC.B #$07 == $00dff013 (T)
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