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KGLoad - Help Needed

Hi guys,

I need some of your help

I need screenshots for every single game in my packs.

I have permission from HOL and GameBase Amiga to use their shots, but even then I still do not have time to go through and download/copy only the ones featured in my packs.

They then of course need to be renamed to match the folder names inside my packs. (Each one is unique).

I know this is no small feat but if people are willing to help that would be great.

Initially one title shot and one screenshot would be enough, but it may be worthwhile getting more in game shots (3?) straight off the bat to save going back and getting more in the future.

They do not need converting to iff as I will do this myself using my scripts and wizardry, simple png will do.

as for naming, take Ruff N Tumble for example (as always):


Any help would be greatly appreciated
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